Telemarketing: What Not to Say

Telemarketing is all about the right words and the right time to say them. Communicating effectively is most essential part of effectively close a deal. And communicating efficiently means choosing the phrases that needs to be said and the phrases that needs to be verbally held off. Although most companies hire telemarketing services, you must take responsibility in picking not just the right people but also the right words that would represent your company.

Closing the deal before opening.
Customers get discouraged when you bombard them with obvious sales talks.  Some telemarketers tend to get desperate, and aiming to immediately close the deal is the first thing they do.  The objective has to be achieved after taking the necessary steps. Go easy on them by initially building a relationship and then give them the offer. Looking forward, you’ll see you’ll attract more loyal customers.

Avoid straying from the objective.
Do not confuse and at the same time overwhelm the customers with so many objectives. If you are calling about surveys, stick to it. If you are calling about setting an appointment, then make sure you inform the customer about the main reason why you are calling. Getting rid of straying off topic is also the reason why you need a call flow.

Sell to the unlikely customer.
In telemarketing, do not ever force to sell a refrigerator to Eskimos. There is something that separates pure sales and telemarketing and it’s the pressure you exert at the customer.

Most of the time, you’ll have to deal with the final decision makers, or the executives, and insisting on a product or service that they can’t entirely benefit from will never work. Executives have high concern about their company’s investments. And besides executives have already developed some kind of immunity to sales pressure.

Avoid Jargons!
Sometimes when marketing departments handle telemarketing campaigns, they tend to treat telemarketing scripts like they are writing print ads. They have the tendency to copy and paste an entire paragraph full of technical terms and add it on the script. Telemarketing needs to have a touch of conversational phrases that helps in maintaining the spontaneity of the call.  Too much jargon will just infuriate the customer and will eventually just mess up the flow of the call. It would also extend the time because of possible lengthy explanations.

Bottom-line is you need to prepare a script that fits your target customers. You need to sort what are the important sales points of your business and consult the telemarketers to add the communication aspects of the whole campaign. Make the marketing aspect more comprehensible for both the telemarketers and the customers. Aim to make a good marketing campaign and good conversation with the customers.

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How To Have A Sustainable Telemarketing Campaign For 2013

Another year awaits for the industry of telemarketing, many say it’s way dead already, but the truth is, telemarketing continues to thrive to make businesses from all over the world. And it is in fact still used by many small and large businesses despite the reign of Social Media Marketing. So there’s no way to set aside the strategies you’ve been up to to keep your business going, roll up your sleeves instead and continue to keep the ball rolling as you start your new year with fresh and perfect tips to improve your lead generation telemarketing campaign.

  • Do some digging and cleaning- just because you have a thousand names on your business calling list doesn’t mean you are way to go, definitely not! Researching and modifying are two of the many keys on effective telemarketing campaign. Research on trusted social media sites to get reliable business contacts, after which, clean up your list by removing unresposive contacts as well as those subjected to error.
  • Inject some positivity- when good energy is within you, it will surely reflect in your voice, thus making you sound more natural. This tip has been emphasized for the nth time on numerous blogs and articles, reason is because this has been said and done effectively. Being positive is somewhat contagious, so why not take advantage of it and relay this kind of energy to your clients.
  • You are a telemarketer but don’t sound like one- use a relax and calm voice, but not too formal of course, speak clearly and articulately. If you have a script, don’t sound like you have one. There’s nothing worse than sounding like you are reading a book, sound natural and engaging instead.
  • Playing around with indecisive prospects- these people see a potential benefit on your product but are afraid to risk their money. In this case, do some psycho game, tell them what significant opportunity they will miss if they will not purchase your product. In this way, you’re making a risk-reducing situation on your business prospect’s part, thus turning the perceived risk around.
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What Should You Consider During A Telemarketing Campaign Planning

Planning has always been an essential thing in any form of projects. Without it you cannot always expect to get your desired result and worse, you can’t be able to pull things off which can result to a complete failure.

By all means, failing is the least thing you want to happen in your telemarketing campaign, and as much as possible, you will do everything to avoid it. That’s why it is necessary to consider things in planning a campaign that will enable you to shape and guide you towards attaining that big “yes!” on your lead generation campaign.

Keep in track with your objectives
Basically, you’re doing a telemarketing campaign for the mere reason of generating leads and eventually driving new sales, period. You’re not campaigning to gain new friends or to rebut against a raging prospect on the other line. Take your business seriously. Avoid doing things that are not essential in reaching your objectives, otherwise, you’ll end up screwing things up. Keep your head on the game, that’s the bottomline.

Focus on the product or the service you are campaigning
Keep in mind that you don’t have the whole day to explain what your service or your product is all about. So if there’s that certain phrase or statement to underpin everything, hit it! Once you have completely identified the service or the product you are targeting on, try compressing important details about it and make sure to get the point right without adding unnecessary elements.

Identify your target market
This doesn’t limit with you doing the whole call listing, it has has to go beyond that. In b2b telemarketing, it’s really a must not just to identify your target market but to understand them as well. This involves studying their wants, needs, likes, etc. You can also look into your previous and existing clients to feed you with trends and information about their buying behavior. In this way, you can easily spot the point and know what approach to use.

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Telemarketing During Holidays Is Still Effective

Holidays are rushing in, Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere, everybody seems to be so busy for the yuletide season, and before we know it, 2012 has already ended.

The month of December has always been the favorite month not just of the children but of the adults as well. While others are busy planning for their Christmas vacations and trips, telemarketers are also dashing to pull things off regarding their outbound teleprospecting activities. And although others consider halting telemarketing during holidays, many are still up to continue teleprospecting for the following reasons:

  • Decision makers’ wallets are getting thicker because of Christmas bonus, which means financial constraints are not an issue in purchasing a service or good.
  • People who are at the office prior to holidays tend to be a little less busy and therefore are more open to having meaningful conversations with telemarketers.
  • Decision makers are just waiting in their offices to be offered with great discounts and promos such as year end sales which they find very interesting since promos are rarely to occur during the first quarter of next year.
  • Specific industries (financial services, retailing and merchandising, etc.) are on its peak of increasing their production due to the demand suited for this season.

If you are then certain and desperate to increase the number of your sales leads and have a great jump start for the following year, this season might conceivably the best time for you to do it; to nail every call you make before the year ends, and reap the fruits of your labor the following year.

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Professional Telemarketing is the Way to Do It

For most of economies on the decline, investors and business owners need a lot of guts (not to mention persistence) in order to maximize the number of businesses they could trade with. Mind you, it’s quite a challenge now, since people don’t want to spend aimlessly their hard earned cash. Nevertheless, that is where you can attain success; still, consumers are willing to purchase. All you have to do is induce them into buying from you.

“With this in mind, you may now realize how telemarketing could be a big asset to your business.”

One very popular step is to probably call them over the phone all by yourself, but obviously, this is one impractical process. Why simply waste your time contacting prospects when you could let others do the job for you? Okay, let’s say you don’t want to hire new staff (perhaps due to the lack of budget)? Then why not turn into outsourcing? Yes, you can outsource your telemarketing campaign.

Outsourcing to reliable professional telemarketers are the main ingredients to an effective telemarketing campaign. These are the experts which are at the forefront of any marketing activities, armed and equipped to target customers and making them aware that you already got what they are looking for and that you’re ready to handle their problems.

That said, as a businessman, have you already considered outsourcing to professional telemarketing services agencies? It will be a great help to your organization. Plus, they could also assist clients with their trainings, skills and experience.

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