How To Have A Sustainable Telemarketing Campaign For 2013

Another year awaits for the industry of telemarketing, many say it’s way dead already, but the truth is, telemarketing continues to thrive to make businesses from all over the world. And it is in fact still used by many small and large businesses despite the reign of Social Media Marketing. So there’s no way to set aside the strategies you’ve been up to to keep your business going, roll up your sleeves instead and continue to keep the ball rolling as you start your new year with fresh and perfect tips to improve your lead generation telemarketing campaign.

  • Do some digging and cleaning- just because you have a thousand names on your business calling list doesn’t mean you are way to go, definitely not! Researching and modifying are two of the many keys on effective telemarketing campaign. Research on trusted social media sites to get reliable business contacts, after which, clean up your list by removing unresposive contacts as well as those subjected to error.
  • Inject some positivity- when good energy is within you, it will surely reflect in your voice, thus making you sound more natural. This tip has been emphasized for the nth time on numerous blogs and articles, reason is because this has been said and done effectively. Being positive is somewhat contagious, so why not take advantage of it and relay this kind of energy to your clients.
  • You are a telemarketer but don’t sound like one- use a relax and calm voice, but not too formal of course, speak clearly and articulately. If you have a script, don’t sound like you have one. There’s nothing worse than sounding like you are reading a book, sound natural and engaging instead.
  • Playing around with indecisive prospects- these people see a potential benefit on your product but are afraid to risk their money. In this case, do some psycho game, tell them what significant opportunity they will miss if they will not purchase your product. In this way, you’re making a risk-reducing situation on your business prospect’s part, thus turning the perceived risk around.
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