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Lead Generation: Complementing Your Client Search

Business to business leads could be generated via lead generation process. Many firms these days are making use of b2b lead generation techniques as a method to acquire the contact details of their clientele. And in this connection, it can … Continue reading

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The Advantages of Outsourced Telemarketing Services and Appointment Setting for Your B2B Company

For most start-up and new companies, generating sales is usually at the top of their list. Nevertheless, they should also be mindful that they must not also exceed their financial resources if they attempt to obtain more and more clients. … Continue reading

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Telemarketing 101: How to Deal with Professional Telemarketers Nicely

Telemarketers are a dime a dozen working in a call center offering either lead generation services, appointment setting services, etc. Most people dislike or are allergic to telemarketers doing cold calling. Well, that’s quite understandable sin

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Telemarketing for the Financial Industry

Telemarketing becomes more complicated when used in the financial sector. There are several fraudulent deals involving telemarketing today that make customers more skeptical about telephone transactions. Because of thi

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Clean Your Database and Do Client Profiling Through B2B Telemarketing

Most companies know that telemarketing call centers are mostly confined with customer service support, b2b lead generation and b2b appointment setting. They believe that contact centers are exploiting resources to make

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