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The 5 M’s of a Good Lead Generation Call Centre

Some companies in the United Kingdom are putting their hearts on outsourcing their lead generation services to an offshore partner. They believe that through this marketing strategy, they will be able to improve their own resources, both human and capital, … Continue reading

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UK and Telesales

It’s great to know that there are some things that hardly change – and one of them is telemarketing. Indeed, telesales has become part and parcel of the United Kingdom’s business scene. There are many firms who a

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Best Practices for Effective Cold-Calling Services

The telemarketing tool which targets and qualifies sales leads is the cold-calling. Through this, a list of high quality sales leads are segregated from those which are not. Teleprospecting, which is another term for c

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Outsourcing Your B2B Lead Generation Services to an Offshore Company

The United Kingdom is one of the countries which make use of outsourcing as a tool to a successful lead generation. In fact, a not-for-profit organization in UK called National Outsourcing Association communicates the

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