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Lead Generation Services Makes it Happen for Your Business

As a manager or business owner, it is a frustration for entrepreneurs to get left behind in the business race—of course, they want to get ahead of the game. This is the reason as to why there are lots of … Continue reading

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Telemarketing 101: How to Deal with Professional Telemarketers Nicely

Telemarketers are a dime a dozen working in a call center offering either lead generation services, appointment setting services, etc. Most people dislike or are allergic to telemarketers doing cold calling. Well, that’s quite understandable sin

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Outsourcing as the Best Solution for Your Marketing Campaign

Cold calling may have attracted a lot of negative publicity, but it’s still undeniable that this approach in telemarketing is by far the most effective marketing strategy when it comes to lead generation services. This common problem that arises fr

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Want to Work as an Outbound Telemarketer? See if You Can Handle This

For most telemarketers using the cold calling technique, they are usually faced with many challenges in their day’s work. It’s not unusual that they get to encounter rude prospects, for who would be happy to be dis

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Telemarketing for the Financial Industry

Telemarketing becomes more complicated when used in the financial sector. There are several fraudulent deals involving telemarketing today that make customers more skeptical about telephone transactions. Because of thi

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