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How To Have A Sustainable Telemarketing Campaign For 2013

Another year awaits for the industry of telemarketing, many say it’s way dead already, but the truth is, telemarketing continues to thrive to make businesses from all over the world. And it is in fact still used by many small … Continue reading

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Professional Telemarketing is the Way to Do It

For most of economies on the decline, investors and business owners need a lot of guts (not to mention persistence) in order to maximize the number of businesses they could trade with. Mind you, it’s quite a challenge now, since … Continue reading

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Why Outsourced Telemarketing Service is an Asset in Sales and Marketing

Maintaining tip-top quality service while reducing costs is the usual concern of most business entities these days. Sales and marketing solutions which offer outsourcing are some of the services which various companies look for. And when choosing a t

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