Telemarketing 101: How to Deal with Professional Telemarketers Nicely

Telemarketers are a dime a dozen working in a call center offering either lead generation services, appointment setting services, etc.

Most people dislike or are allergic to telemarketers doing cold calling. Well, that’s quite understandable since who wants to be disturbed by strangers over the phone when you don’t expect them?

But bear in mind that these professional telemarketers are real people with feelings who are simply doing what they’re paid to do—telemarketing. And it’s the telemarketing services companies who are in fact annoying you and not them. The best way in dealing with these cold callers? Simply fight the firm and know your rights—and not that voice over the phone. Try to be nice as you can even if they call in the middle of a date.

1) Be ready prior to answering that call. If you got a Caller ID, you may know that a telemarketer is trying to call you. If so, try to be civil as you can. If you can’t be pleasant, then simply don’t answer.

2) Inform them that you’re not interested. You can say something like, “No, I’m not interested in whatever your company is offering”. If they’re still determined, be firm but still polite—“I am sorry, as I told you, I am not interested.”

3) A warning: Never say anything inappropriate or threaten over the phone, as this could subject you to prosecution, even if telemarketers call you incessantly and are harassing you—if you got a rude marketer on the line, you could contact the police if the person still calls back at least 3 times already. After a third try, it’s considered harassment and thus, illegal.

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