Telemarketing: A Big Help For Cleaning Service Providers

Like any other industry, cleaning service providers are distressed with problems in sales and marketing programs, particularly in B2B lead generation. This is in spite of the growing demand for their services. They share the same sentiments with other firms which confess that looking for sales-ready buyers is difficult, time-consuming and costly. The rejections that they receive after a proposal are recurring. This, in turn, adds the time and money that they are wasting daily. Unless they hit the jackpot and make qualified appointments, they have to labour and to spend money every day.

For the record, cleaning service companies do not need to carry this burden painstakingly. What they need is to ask for professional help coming from external, third party service providers. It is too risky to bear B2B lead generation while getting a handful of other responsibilities, especially core business. Examples of outsourcers to look for are those engaged in affiliate marketing, direct mail, digital marketing, broadcasting, print advertising and telemarketing. Among these options, telemarketing is the most beneficial and effective.

Contrary to other mediums, the use of the telephone provides ease, accuracy and high speed in reaching prospects, qualifying them and setting-up of an appointment. If mails, prints, and TV adverts can be ignored, no sales lead can disregard a ringing phone. This makes it possible for telemarketing companies to make cold-calls to all the prospects. Call centres accompany this with a clean business database to direct efforts only to targeted leads. Thus, every minute is used for worthwhile endeavours alone. Besides, call scripts are created so that telemarketers will not forget to ask only relevant, necessary and crucial questions.

During these tough times when every sale is hard-earned, it is good for cleaning service providers to get the services of the experts in lead generation. With this, there is little to think on sales and marketing. Instead, the focus is centred on what you do best- your core business.

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