Telemarketing During Holidays Is Still Effective

Holidays are rushing in, Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere, everybody seems to be so busy for the yuletide season, and before we know it, 2012 has already ended.

The month of December has always been the favorite month not just of the children but of the adults as well. While others are busy planning for their Christmas vacations and trips, telemarketers are also dashing to pull things off regarding their outbound teleprospecting activities. And although others consider halting telemarketing during holidays, many are still up to continue teleprospecting for the following reasons:

  • Decision makers’ wallets are getting thicker because of Christmas bonus, which means financial constraints are not an issue in purchasing a service or good.
  • People who are at the office prior to holidays tend to be a little less busy and therefore are more open to having meaningful conversations with telemarketers.
  • Decision makers are just waiting in their offices to be offered with great discounts and promos such as year end sales which they find very interesting since promos are rarely to occur during the first quarter of next year.
  • Specific industries (financial services, retailing and merchandising, etc.) are on its peak of increasing their production due to the demand suited for this season.

If you are then certain and desperate to increase the number of your sales leads and have a great jump start for the following year, this season might conceivably the best time for you to do it; to nail every call you make before the year ends, and reap the fruits of your labor the following year.

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