Telemarketing is a boon to business organizations wanting to expand their market coverage, crack new accounts, and hit their revenue targets. While there are scores of methods to increase revenue and create new businesses, telemarketing always stands out by reason of its money-spinning property.

Telemarketing services are used by many organizations because they are a lot more productive compared to other marketing channels including e-mail and direct mail. One hardworking telemarketer can make over a hundred calls in 8 hours and can reach a lot more prospects than can a salesperson making face-to-face field contacts.

Callbox deploys top professional telemarketing services that are customized to serve clients across all industries. Our telemarketing services cover a wide range of b2b sales and marketing solutions that are essential for the growth of your business. Our services include lead generation, appointment setting, data profiling, telephone survey, and client profiling.

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