The Benefits Of B2B Telemarketing For SEO Service Providers

As the competition for search engine visibility increases with each new update by Google, SEO specialists need more help to inform their prospective b2b sales leads that they are still at the top of their game. Though it is true that your results will speak for you, you can easily be outdone by a more actively advertising competitor. As an SEO specialist, you have to step up your game and do sales lead generation, or you might end up with the recognition of reaching the number one spot in search engines but without any income to sustain you. To do an effective lead generation campaign for your industry, consider hiring a telemarketing company.

The advantage of hiring a professional b2b telemarketing company to do cold calling for you is that it improves your overall visibility in your chosen niche. While you handle the inquiries of your b2b sales leads in the online world (it’s your specialty, after all), your expert b2b telemarketers will take care of generating qualified business leads in the offline world (because it’s what they do best) so that you can always be sure of high quality leads every day.

Don’t think this is just about picking up the phone and dialing a random number from the phone book. Before your b2b leads are considered for appointment setting, they are asked qualifying questions which help telemarketers identify if they are the right leads for your business or not. These questions inform your b2b telemarketers whether: they need help increasing traffic on their website, their budget can afford your services, and whether they have the authority to hire your services. These factors are the most important criteria of a quality business lead, and getting these leads regularly is what differentiates a successful business from a failure.

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