The Six Kinds Of Prospects In Telemarketing

Handling business calls can be the most difficult part of the telemarketing campaign, and that is with good reason. How you present your products and services to your prospects will depend entirely on how you understand them and what they need from you. Take note that no two prospects are the same. There are some things that telemarketers need to observe from their prospects so that they can perform better.

Jane Porter’s article could never have been more precise. Taking note of the clues being given away will help determine what the type of prospect they are talking to

  1. The Detail person – this is the kind of prospect that is more interested in the features of your products. For these kinds of people, they are already aware of what they want. They just want to know if you can offer better than the competition.
  2. The Cueless person – not strictly that kind of person. There are times that the prospect you call may not be aware that they need help. In this case, you can play the role of the advisor who can lead them to the right path. This is the good time to ask questions about the business and the problems that it encounters. In this way, you can engage better with prospects, giving them the impression that you are an authority that they can count on.
  3.   The Personable person – these types of prospects are interested in starting a relationship with your telemarketing services first. In this case, focus your talk more about themselves, their interests, as well as the way they balance their lives. Let them know you care. It will also help if you can meet them personally.
  4.  The Prestige person – these are the kind of people that are focused more on who you have worked with in the past. That is why it pays to work with other companies with A-list reputations, since you can also use them if a prospect wants to check your experience. Just ask permission from your clients. You might actually get them to recommend you.
  5.  The Assurance person – this is the kind of prospect who is more interested in the after-sales transaction than with the actual product itself. They are the type of people who would like to be assured that you can be reached easily in case they have issues with your campaign, or they simply want assurance that you are a responsible company.
  6.  The Immediate person – these are the people you should take note of. For them, time is gold, and every minute on the phone could be a minute less for their business. They would prefer getting over with it soon enough. They might know your business already and just wants to seal the deal with you. If this is the type of prospect you reach, then finish your pitch faster. They will thank you for it.
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