The Use and Importance of Telemarketing in UK

For business owners in UK, telemarketing is more effective than other marketing strategies (print, TV, radio), for it acquires immediate response from customers. This two-way communication makes it easier for them to deliver message and get a hold of the following benefits: progressive marketing solutions, updated campaign strategies, more direct business linkage and vast array of capabilities.

Telemarketing is the only marketing medium that allows them to adjust and to make any changes at anytime necessary. Professional telemarketers are available 24/7 at 365 days a year to help them respond to customers’ concerns and objections immediately and spend more time to focus on core competencies. Because of the growing importance of telemarketing, they find more ways to develop their cold calling strategies. They improve them through the following:

• Knowing the ultimate purpose of cold calling
• Coming up with a good script
• Projecting confidence and getting right to the point
• Being both interesting and interested when cold calling
• Making sure to leave contact number and name so customers can call them back.

Moreover, for many companies in the United Kingdom have realized the importance of telemarketing, they outsource it to reliable telemarketing call centres to get better results. They hire them to get a hold of cutting-edge expertise and quality telemarketers. However, because there are several telemarketing providers who exist, having to choose which is the right becomes their priority. In the selection, they try to consider the size of their campaign, their target market and the intricacy of their proposition. The size of the campaign refers to the scope of their telemarketing project and the size of their prospecting database. The target market on the other hand refers to their target industries or prospects, and the intricacy of proposition refers to the capability of their cpability to suit their current platform.

It is very important for ay company in UK to make sure that the telemarketing service that they are paying for, is delivering the results they need in the current market. With the right telemarketing call centre to outsource to, sales goals are made easier to achieve. So it is very important to hire the right agency to get the right telemarketing service for their campaign.

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