Which Is Better: Telemarketing Or Social Media?

These days, given the boom of the Internet and the rise of web based companies, the question above seems like a moot issue. After all, when it comes to online businesses, social media will always be the best for lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. Well, if we ignore its inherent flaws. Because no matter how good it is in the quality of B2B leads that it generates, there are areas that leave much to be desired. And these are the areas where a good, old fashioned telemarketing campaign will be able to handle well. So what should we do about this?

To start, we must understand what social media marketing is. This is a form of marketing where we use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even blogs comments, to promote your business to a wider audience (the type that often goes to the internet). While it is true that you can reach out to a larger number of people this way, not to mention getting better sales leads in this manner, it often takes a long time before any significant result could be gained. And given how fast paced the business environment is, it might mean getting left behind.

This is where telemarketing enters the picture. It can reach out to business prospects faster, not to mention getting a reply quicker. Even if the answer is in the negative, at least you immediately know what to do next. Still, perhaps combining the two marketing mediums would be better, since they can then compensate each other’s weaknesses, and increase the number of B2B leads you get.

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