Why It Is Better To Use Telemarketing For B2B Lead Generation

Whenever you think if telemarketing campaigns, you immediately think of the endless cold calling you will have to do. You think of the hundreds of strangers on your business list that you have to sell your offer to. While it is relatively easy to pick up the phone and dial a number, it requires a certain skill to make that conversation fruitful without being too pushy or lenient.

Without proper training and experience, home based cold callers can easily become hard salesmen. Often calling hundreds of numbers a day, they could easily get bored or disheartened if none of their prospects opt-in to their offer. They could end up calling the phone number of a potential sales lead more than 3 times a day because of excitement, which would more likely backfire and cause the b2b sales lead to be irritated at the caller. Or, they could lose their motivation and simply skip through the numbers on the telemarketing list, easily labeling them as declined sales. When dealing with a freelancer or home based agent, they could easily cease all communication and suddenly disappear, which will definitely leave you in hanging.

All of these can cause you to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on lost opportunities and wasted budget (for the salary of the inefficient telemarketer).

In general, b2b telemarketing is a very effective method for a good business to business lead generation campaign, if only the proper procedures are practiced. It will be able to sustain a company with enough quality business leads if the company employs the right b2b telemarketers to do the job. Because of this, b2b companies who want to generate qualified b2b sales leads for themselves will be better off outsourcing this process to a professional b2b telemarketing company. The cost may be a bit more expensive than hiring a freelance telemarketer, but the security and professionalism you get from the professional telemarketing firm are well worth it. Not to mention “simply” hiring a freelancer or agent to do the cold calling for you mean you will have to look for, train, manage, and monitor that employee. All of which need not concern you as much when you choose to outsource. Telemarketing is not a dead or even dying marketing strategy. It is very much alive in the business to business industry; all that it needs is to have competent professional b2b telemarketers to perform it.

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